About Haiku

When design meets code
Creative power combines.
Teams find new ways together.

Haiku was started to redefine how teams approach software creation. Founded on the idea that the best ideas come to life when people come together, Haiku creates products that unify design and code in creative, dynamic ways, so diverse teams can work more efficiently and effectively no matter what they are making.

We believe the right tools can unlock newfound creativity. We are on a journey to unite design and code, by building software that promotes collaboration, reduces friction and increases efficiency.

Core values

These are the core values of our team. We live and work by them.

Our Advisors

Matt Biilmann
Matt BiilmannNetlify CEO, Co-Founder
Christian Bach
Christian BachNetlify President, Co-Founder
Jina Anne
Jina AnneDesign Systems Advocate
Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent
Kaelig Deloumeau-PrigentUX Development Manager, Shopify

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