Principal Engineer

The Role

Full Time | Remote OK; plus for SF Bay Area

Haiku is building collaboration tools to revolutionize software creation by unifying design and code. Through our desktop tools, cloud services, and integrations with professional design/code tools, Haiku empowers teams to create better software, together.

Company Profile

We're an adventurous, tight-knit, international remote team. We offer excellent comp (with an option for no-BS significant equity ownership), medical/dental benefits, and unique perks like remote team summits. Last year we all met up in Patagonia and trekked up a mountain.

Tech Description

We have no shortage of interesting technical problems on our hands. Due to this, we're seeking candidates who are driven by hard technical problems, but who take pride in pragmatism and their understanding of the importance of "ship."

Diez is an open-source cross-platform design system framework built & maintained by the Haiku team. This project involves a TypeScript transpilier, extensive native work on iOS and Android, and exhaustive design & detail-sweating around developer ergonomics across platforms. Languages include: TypeScript, Kotlin, Swift, CSS/Sass, Objective-C, and Java. Polyglots, please apply.

Haiku Animator is a UI animation tool, enabling motion designers to ship their work straight to production. Inspired by the good parts of OG Macromedia Flash, Haiku Animator has been emerging as the standard alternative to After Effects for professional motion designers to participate in software teams. Client-app is Electron & React with a special multi-process foundation (for animation performance,) and server stack is primarily Golang.

Your Role

We're working to revolutionize the way that teams create software: by unifying design & code. See what we make over at and

We seek a language-agnostic, experienced Principal Engineer (title is flexible.) You'll work directly with our technical CEO and small remote team to drive our company past the cusp of product-market fit into profitability and (if we choose to pursue one) our next financing round. We have growing revenue, cash in the bank, a small team, and big opportunity.

If you're a business-focused (or -curious!) engineer who wants to exchange knowledge while collaborating with some grizzled startup veterans and YC alum, we'd love to work with you.


  • Develop & ship product and open-source tech, across front- and back-end technologies (Golang, Postgres, TypeScript, Vue, Swift, Kotlin)
  • Solve tough architectural & design challenges in a team setting
  • Take full ownership of projects from conception to implementation to deployment
  • Apply a pragmatic, user-focused lens while making foundational technical decisions


  • Expert in at least one compiled, statically typed language
  • Experience with designing for and reasoning about type systems; TypeScript a big plus
  • Experience with high-performance rendering concerns on web or mobile platforms
  • Experience with AWS (or another cloud computing platform)
  • Exposure to native mobile development (iOS, Android)
  • Eager to deep-dive into new languages, frameworks, and systems
  • Bonus: experience creating or maintaining compilers (static analysis, AST manipulation, IDE tooling)

How to apply

Please email your resume to